Our software suite allows us to design optimally sized generator and solar systems.

The Challenge - Oversizing.

42% of our measured diesel generators are oversized and operate inefficiently at low loads, increasing fuel consumption. Generator sizing in most cases does not consider actual plant operation but uses load summation, resulting in excessive security buffers.

Sizing a solar diesel hybrid power plant is also often based on weak data and, if at all, very short term measurements. Building a system without a full picture that considers the discrepancies between assumptions and reality can result in oversized design and false expectations about savings.


OneAnalyser - We measure.

With our data logging service we gain a deep understanding of your current energy setup.

We create credible savings calculations based on detailed measurements of your system and our extensive database of electricity consumption profiles. Our standardised approach allows us to generate a Certified Fuel Savings Report (VDE audited), bringing full transparency to decision makers and financiers. It optimises savings and reduces the required investment.

  • Comprehensive data on electricity use and irradiation
  • Diesel generator resizing
  • Accurate solar plant sizing
  • Precise and bankable diesel and grid savings
  • Reduced investment at better rates

OneDesign - We engineer.

Building on your preferences, the OneDesign module enables us to simulate dynamic scenarios and produce a design report. In the detailed model of the power system generated, we take into consideration diesel generator constraints such as spinning reserve and minimum load capacity.

The design report is the foundation for realising the system in collaboration with our pre-qualified partners.

  • Dynamic system simulation
  • Detailed electrical design of solar diesel hybrid
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Optimal configuration of hybrid controller

OneShore services create value.


We individually assess each end-customer's needs. We work closely with every client to ensure that systems are optimally sized and designed.


We collaborate closely with private and public funding organizations and provide them with transparency regarding savings potential and system operation.


We enable EPCs to offer best-in-class systems to their customers, substantially reducing their client acquisition and engineering cost.

Optimally sized systems for specific industry verticals.



OneShore designed, smart energy solutions significantly reduce energy costs, which often represent a high share of overall cost for agricultural businesses. They allow our customers to grow their business.



Factories in weak-grid areas have to rely heavily on diesel generators. Our services significantly reduce their fuel consumption, carbon emissions and make them future-proof.



Beverage production plants and bottling facilities not only have a high power demand, but also often have cooling systems that require energy. Our approach allows the smart balancing of these loads, generating additional value.



Remote lodges and large hotels have high energy demands during the day. Diesel generators and the grid can be complemented by the power of the sun to reduce costs.