OneShore Energy appoints Hervé Touati to its advisory board

Dec. 10, 2014

Hervé Touati is an international expert in the successful commercialization of renewable energy solutions. In this capacity the former CEO of E.ON Connecting Energies and Managing Director of the Rocky Mountain In-stitute (Colorado) Hervé Touati advises the founders and management team of OneShore Energy.

Philipp Kunze, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of OneShore Energy on the appointment of Hervé Touati: “I am excited that we were able to win over Hervé Touati for our team. He is a world-renowned expert in the successful commercialization of environmentally friendly energy solutions and together we will push our core issues of “grid stability” and “bankability” of off-grid energy systems. Our goal: The optimal interplay between solar power and diesel generators in the off-grid sector (islands, industries, hotel resorts). With his expertise and longstanding management experience, he will enrich our team and support our further growth.”

Hervé Touati is a Managing Director at the Rocky Mountain Institute. He focuses his work on disruptive business models and technologies in the electricity sector and works to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy by large corporations. Hervé held several senior positions at E.ON, Germany's leading utility. He was COO of the non-wind businesses at E.ON Climate & Renewables. He founded and was the CEO of E.ON Connecting Energies, E.ON's new distributed energy business, work for which E.ON received the prize of "Best 2013 European Greentech Company". Earlier, Hervé served as a leading expert and advisor for the energy sector with McKinsey & Co. Hervé received a M.S. in Mathematics from Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley. In his early engineering career, he authored more than 20 technical papers, and one US patent.

Hervé Touati: “I met the founders of OneShore Energy only a few months ago but I was immediately excited about the team and their business. From experience, I know that the requirements for alternative energy sources are particularly high in the off-grid sector and many investors are still – and in my opinion rightly so – skeptical and cautious about their use. However, OneShore Energy’s software-based product suite will manage to solve two problems for the first time: Achieving high diesel savings while ensuring grid stability and providing investors with the data needed to evaluate reliably the profitability and thus the return-on-investment of a project.”


OneShore Energy GmbH is headquartered in Berlin and is active in the off-grid energy sector, amongst others in markets such as Greece, Tanzania and Kenya. Currently diesel generators produce 95% of the power in off-grid areas. The operators and power producers eschew the combination of diesel generators and solar power, fearing for the grid stability of their systems. Furthermore, they are unable to calculate reliably the necessary investment and return. Dependable load measurements and validated system design processes are needed as a prerequisite for the “bankability” of such investments. OneShore Energy is developing a product suite – OneAnalyser, OneDesign, OneOptimiser – to provide a solution and achieve diesel savings of up to 40%. In the summer of 2014 and with the cooperation of DENA and SMA, a reference system was installed and put into operation in Athens. OneShore’s products are already in use with customers from different sectors, such as hospitals, hotel resorts, off-grid villages and industrial facilities, in Tanzania and Kenya.