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Your solar hybrid system in 3 steps:

We analyse your electricity and generator use.

Understanding energy consumption is the first step towards a best-in-class system. Our precise measurements of grid and diesel use are the foundation of our design.

We design and integrate a solar system tailored to your needs.

Solar has become a competitive source of energy to complement existing diesel generators across different industries.

We optimise and monitor your plant during operation.

Combining solar and diesel reduces fuel consumption, directly leading to significant cost savings and lower carbon emissions.

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What are our customers saying?

Since there are a lot of power interruptions, we very frequently use our diesel generator to run our factory.

We have decided to install the solar hybrid system proposed by OneShore to reduce our diesel and electricity costs. We very much enjoyed working with the OneShore team because they are professional and we are impressed by their data-driven approach.

Rohith Peiris
Director General at Sorwathe Ltd, Rwanda

Strathmore University
Rwanda Mountain Tea
SOPA Lodges
Attica Zoo

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